SEO for Start-ups

seo-for-startups.gifIf you have just set up a start-up and got a website, SEO should be a priority on your list of things to do. Great content is not enough unless it is search engine optimized. What SEO essentially does is that if you are a marketing consultancy and your SEO is in place, when users  Google for marketing consultancy, your start-up’s name should come right up there in the search results. It’s as simple as that. There is mechanics to do SEO for Your  Startup 1. Ensure that your site can be indexed. If there’s just one rule of SEO that you are going to follow, make it this one. Search engines depend on bots or spiders to “crawl” the web for sites that contain the search queries. If your site has hidden pages or broken links or any other crawl issues, it won’t show up when the crawl takes place, and your website will not feature among the search results! So make it easy for those spiders on the web and be found easily. ReadHow to get Google Index your site quickly. 2. Use Industry Keywords and Brand Keywords You need to identify keywords and make sure they appear often and enough in the right places, like the title tag, headline tag and body content. Industry keywords refer to say, marketing consultancy, while brand keywords would include your tagline, the name of the company etc. A mix of the two is essential to build your brand because initially, when your brand doesn’t have that much recognition, it is the industry keywords that will help. But once your brand builds itself up, people will start searching for your brand using your brand keywords. 3 . Choose keywords based on search intent 

  • When you are choosing your keyword, there’s no point saying “Hollywood movies” on a marketing consultancy site. You have to be specific about leading the user to your site based on the right keywords.
  • There are some keywords that are heavily competitive. It’s best you avoid these if you want to show up in the results page.
  • Keyword research programs can show you how many times a keyword appears in a  month. You can go in for oft-used keywords to improve your SEO.

4 . Link building is key – Start building backlinks.

  • Distribute press releases every time your start-up does something newsworthy.
  • Provide guest posts for other pages with linkbacks to your own page.
  • Add your site to relevant business directories.
  • Go viral on social media with content.

5.  Publish great content – Content still remains king, so make sure the content you have up on your site meets all required standards. The more content you have, the greater the chance of keywords being present. And when you put up awesome content, your link building will happen automatically, when people share your content. So don’t underestimate the power of great content!


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