Now, even Barbie is an entrepreneur

downloadfile-2 The role of women in the world is changing. No longer are certain jobs considered a man’s domain. These days, you see women cops, women cab drivers, and women in all kinds of roles that were hitherto considered male territory. Women have ascended the corporate ladder and are moving beyond it.

Ernst & Young published a report called Nature or nurture? Decoding the DNA of the entrepreneur. In it they argue that entrepreneurial leaders are made, not born. According to the report, “There is no single entrepreneurship gene. But there are traits and experiences that make it more likely that an individual will choose the path of entrepreneurship and, crucially, succeed over the long term.”

Today, women take risks in business and become entrepreneurs. They have what it takes, be it nature, nurture or a blend of the two. Sometimes, women work in the corporate sector and leave their jobs either because they have had a baby and want a break or for personal reasons. But the fire to do something lives on within them and some of them tangle with the idea of being their own boss- Inventing a product, launching one, or launching services. There are so many women entrepreneurs these days that the toy makers of the Barbie Doll have launched “entrepreneur” Barbie.

However, there are still women making rotis and toiling in their kitchens every day in India. It is to address their challenges that Singapore-based Pranoti Nagarkar launched RotiMatic, which helps these women make rotis at the click of a button. She has founded the start-up Zimplistic, which received $ 6 million from Spring Singapore-A good example of a woman at the helm helping those who are not.

The wedding industry was recently quoted to be worth Rs. 190,000 crores. Tapping into this gigantic market and the central problem of gift giving during weddings, Priyanka Agarwal founded Wishberry, a Mumbai-based start-up that focuses on collecting funds online through friends and well-wishers for a cause. Customers can create a gift registry or fundraising page by filling out a simple online form on, or by giving them a call. Wishberry then makes it their business to see that your wish is granted through crowdfunding.

What makes a start-up successful is an innovative idea, backing, funding, and leadership. With more women choosing to take over the reins in business ventures, the future of our country seems more promising. And on women’s day, let’s reflect on how far women have come over the years and visualize an even brighter road ahead. As TechCrunch founder and co-editor, Michael Arrington says, “The best startups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch.”  So let’s sing along with Katy Perry,

“I got the eye of the tiger, the fighter, dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR”   and go ahead to make our way through the entrepreneurial jungle.


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