5 Tips for Email Writing that Converts

emailContrary to what people are saying, email as a medium of direct marketing is not dead. If used right, an email can get you conversions. So don’t ignore this still-popular tool of communication and direct marketing.

Personalize the email: An email should be like an actual conversation with the recipient. It should be personalized and be packed with personality. No impersonal, boring, cold emails that sound like a robot just spoke.

Good Content: Your email should contain good content or direct the recipient to a landing page or webpage packed with great and relevant content.

Build Relationships: Reach out to your audience with sincere and direct messages that strike a chord with them. People are more likely to listen to those who they like. So make sure your audience likes you. This can be done by effective email writing.

It’s also in the timing: The day and time that you send out your emails can affect open rates and click through rates. So be sure to know which is the best time to send out your email. It varies with regions and the target audience. The frequency with which you send out emails is another factor.

Length of your email: You will have to vary the length of your email on a case-to-case basis. Some emails need to be long and descriptive, while in other cases, being short and to the point would suffice. You are the best judge of when to resort to which kind of email. Ideally, you can write a short email when you direct your reader to a landing page or other web page, which has more content. When you are trying to educate the audience or influence them, a long mail works better.

Hope these tips will enable you to create emails that lead to conversions.


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