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Steps to Distribute your Press Release

prweb_press_distribution (1)A well-written press release is the key to get the attention of the media. Here is a step-by-step blog on how to get your press release across to the right channels to promote your company or service.

Create a media contact list: Start by creating a media contact list. Maintain the contact information of all the journalists associated to your field of interest in this list. Since journalists move roles often, make sure to keep your list updated. 

Send the press release to newswire services. Newswires are a good source of news for journalists and news media. The chances of the story getting picked up are higher.

Distribute your press release to social media networks and blogs. This is good for viral marketing. If the content is interesting it will be shared socially.

You can also use SEO tools and publish your press release on the different search engines.

Use an online press release distribution service so that you can effectively distribute your press release to your desired target audience. There are many distribution services present, but one of the most user friendly and cost-effective press release distribution services is offered by MyPRGenie.

So go ahead and put your press release out there!


Press Releases are certainly not Dead

Public relations concept in tag cloudAll businesses must distribute press releases:  No matter how big or small your company is, it can benefit from distributing press releases to tell its story or about a new product update or service. This news will be covered by trade journals, magazines, online resources, the works! This is not possible unless you put your story out there.

Distributing press releases is inexpensive:  This is the almost-always preferred option to paid advertising. Most companies write their own press releases and just need a PR person to hand out the press release to key members of the media, so that they can write stories for their respective publications. This is definitely more inexpensive than ads.

Boost your company’s visibility :  By distributing frequent press releases, you establish a bond with the media. They get to know you and your company and stay updated with the news you have to offer. In time, they begin to trust you and your company starts getting more coverage.

Get known as a thought leader : If the media gets to know you and your company really well, they will start contacting you for sound bytes for stories about the industry. This is great for your business as it establishes you as an expert.

Good press releases really circulate : A well-written press release may spread like wildfire. This is because the bigger news agencies look to smaller news agencies for sources of news. And once a reporter catches a whiff of a story, other reporters hasten to cover the same story.

Focus on the customer who will read the news story : When customers read the story, your brand makes an impression on them. You can keep them in mind while writing the press release. What pain points of theirs will be solved by your product or service?

Attract investors : News of your company successes and achievements will attract investors too.

So by no stretch of the imagination is the press release dead. It is very much alive and a part of spreading awareness about your brand and solutions. Don’t neglect press releases unless you want to lose out on a major chunk of business.

Spruce up your Twitter Profile

twitter-marketingTwitter is a handy social media tool to make an impact with just a few short messages. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect to spruce up your twitter profile. Twitter recently announced changes in its look and feel, which make it look remarkably like Facebook.

Your Twitter Handle: What comes after the @ symbol is very important. It could be your company name. But if your company name is too long you could go by socialUs or some such relevant handle if you are into social media marketing. It will make it easier for followers to find you and establish your main industry.

Your Bio: It has to be short and sweet and also encapsulate all that you are using keywords. This is because a bio is searchable on twitter. You could use hashtags to make yourself more searchable.

Location and Link: Include the location of your company and the link. The link will help the user find out more about your company – all that you can’t include in a short bio.

Followers: Follow those who are in a similar industry such as yours. But don’t follow too many people. Let the ratio of followed to followers be at least 2:1. It looks bad if you follow too many people and you have too few followers. When you follow those in your own community, there’s a greater chance of being followed back by them. Also, you will appear in suggestions of who to follow.

Images: There were three areas where you can display photographs:.1. Your profile image (81 x 81 px). 2. Your header image (size is 1500 x 500.). and 3. Your background image. Now, the profile photo is positioned in the upper-left corner. Twitter users can now post larger profile and banner photos, too.  You canget creative with these photographs though the most normal thing to do is to have your company logo as your profile picture. If you are a fashion brand, you could have a picture of models sashaying on the catwalk as your other image. You get the general idea!

Featured Tweets and Pinned Tweets: If you tweet something that makes an impact, then your tweet is in bolder font so that other users are drawn to it. If you want your followers to definitely read a tweet of yours, you can pin it to your profile, so that it is featured right on top. These are new features of Twitter. So make the most of them. They have also refined their filtering tools.

Mobile Users of Twitter: You can now make use of the facility to upload upto 4 photographs and tag upto 10 people without increasing the character count.

Real-time Notifications: Now you get real-time notifications if you are on twitter and someone sends you a DM or favourites your tweet. Twitter just got more live!

Although sprucing up your twitter profile is important, the most important thing to do is to keep in mind your content and social media objectives. Nothing can quite replace good, quality tweets. Play around with twitter’s new interface and make waves in twitterverse!

8 Tips on Effectively Using Social Media for PR

SocialForPRComms_MarketingCloud_ResourceTileUsing social media for PR is an effective way to promote your brand. No start-up or small business can afford to ignore this aspect of marketing. The big brands are already doing it and with great results. Here are a few tips on how to use social media for PR.


Social media is more than just Twitter

Social media does not mean just having a Twitter account and tweeting. There’s so much more to it. With Twitter alone you don’t get analytics, direct SEO benefit and nor do you control the network. For a truly effective social media presence to help your PR, move beyond twitter and use other networks too.

Become a platform-agnostic thought leader

Don’t be famous only on one network. Try to be a thought leader for your brand across networks. You should be known for your pathbreaking views on a particular industry.

Don’t focus too much on one network

We all know where Orkut is today. Spending all your time and focusing your energies on one network could backfire if the network falls out of favour with users. Focus instead on community building and funnelling subscribers to one common destination.

Choose strategy over tactics for long-term benefits

If you share content that strikes a chord with people, you will see results and fast. But that’s only a tactic. You need to engage in several such tactics over a prolonged period of time. That’s when you have sound strategy, which will translate to long-term success.

Outlast your competitors

Continue to generate content in those sites where you’ve been doing it for a long time. You need to reach the point where publicity is generated as a by-product of participation.

Find the link between Social Media, SEO and PR

There is a connection between social media, SEO and PR, and smart PR agencies capitalize on these connections to get higher visibility on numerous fronts.

Use your keyword glossary across all media

Don’t restrict your keyword glossary only for your SEO. Use it across all channels and media to optimize the content and improve your inbound marketing results.

Build links through social participation

Through social participation, you’re going to get attention for your brand. And attention on the web translates to links.  This, along with other link building tactics can result in better rankings and referral traffic.

So go ahead and take that first step to use social media for PR. It’s something that can no longer be put off and is no longer an option. It’s a must for every start-up or small business, which can take a leaf out of the books of large corporations who are doing it and with elan.


Optimizing your Facebook Fan Page

facebook21Social media is what it’s about if you want netizens visiting your site and learning more about your product or service. A Facebook Fan Page helps since Facebook has over one billion active users as of September 2012. Here are a few tips to optimize your Facebook Fan Page:

Keep it current: There’s no point in having a Facebook fan page if you hardly log into it and all the material on it is outdated. You need to keep it updated with the latest news about your company, the latest photographs, and the kind of content that is evergreen.

Have an impressive cover photo: Putting up a stock photo on your cover page denotes laziness. So get a really impressive photograph for your cover photo. It can be graphics with the company tagline and website. The profile picture can be your company logo.

Use correctly sized images: Use images that are of the right size. Too big or too small won’t work. It has to be perfect. Use this handy guide to take you through the process. (

Show an arrow from the cover to the Like button: This will encourage visitors to click the Like button and indicate their preference for your company.

Include your website URL in the Facebook description: This will encourage people to click on your company website and visit the site.

Organize your tabs: Making sure your Facebook tabs are in order is an important step in welcoming visitors to your page. If a visitor finds that he or she cannot find information easily, the chances of them visiting again are pretty slim.  In case you are running a Facebook contest, make sure the tab for it is visible without having to click “More”. If you want to drive traffic to your business’ website, place your ‘Visit our Website’ tab before your ‘Photos’ tab.

With these few tips, you can optimize your Facebook Fan Page and make the most of what social media has to offer.

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Getting on to the DIY bandwagon for Videos

diyWith the digital age in full swing, marketers can now use DIY tools to make promotional videos for their product, service, or company. The internet and these tools have brought video making to everyone’s fingertips. Some of the DIY solutions offered by companies include PowToon, Go!Animate and VideoScribe.

PowToon offers cartoons in its content collection, which is sourced from animators, sound artists, voice actors, and designers who sell their content through the PowToon Marketplace.  Buying the individual content bits and then putting them together is cheaper than outsourcing the whole job to a design studio. The only pre-requisite is a good script and vision.

PowToon’s freemium service is for beginners and it offers drag-and-drop objects, which you add to slides. You can then choose how to animate the slides, the duration, text, and a soundtrack. Voila! You get a professional demo presentation. You also have custom templates you can use. You can then upload these presentations to YouTube and share them on social media for maximum visibility.

Go! Animate is another cartoon-style video with numerous features like character creator and text-to-speech. Here, too, you can add a character, swap a background or start a scene just by dragging and dropping! Their libraries are filled with styles, settings, props and actions. Lip-sync is automatic! Their  characters can be customized into hundreds of different shades of color. With animated video, you are not constrained by video footage. Switch backgrounds, move characters, add props. Animation is good at demonstrating the steps in a process.

VideoScribe gives you to the option to create ‘hand-drawn” videos. All you need to do is to install their software on to your computer. You can create amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, add a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, show text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated. Often called Whiteboard animation or Fast Drawing, VideoScribe replicates a stop-motion capture style of drawing that’s so popular on commercials… at a fraction of the cost & time

Another main aspect of a good video is professional voice narration. You can give your script to a professional voice artiste through services like VoiceBunny and You can choose from hundreds of professions registered on the site and pick the voice that matches your video. You will get the recorded track within a day or two.

If getting a professional to do your voiceover is ruled out, you can get yourself a high-quality USB microphone, such as the Rode Podcaster and the Blue Yeti. If all else fails, you could use your smartphone to do the job!

You can use “royalty-free” music to pep up your video. Royalty-free does not mean “free-to-use”. Most royalty-free music tracks cost around $10 to $100 each. Music tracks cost between $10-$20 each on AudioJungle, between $10-$45 each on iStockphoto, and $40 each on Premiumbeat.

So what’s holding you back from creating your own demo or video? Hop onto the DIY bandwagon today!

Let Your Videos do the Talking – 6 Tips to Jumpstart Your Video Marketing

videoThe total online video audience in India has grown 74 percent to 54 million viewers, with the average viewer watching 18 percent more videos and spending 28 percent more time viewing. There is huge potential for using videos as a marketing tool. Since the costs involved in producing a video have come down, small businesses and start-ups are tapping this resource like never before.

Now, there are apps to turn PowerPoint presentations, audio, photos and other graphics into impactful lead generation videos. You can even add interactive features such as live forms right into the video, and have a really cool landing page.

Break the barriers: Forget about the old-school video, which is made for television with a proper beginning, middle, and end. Online video can be really short, extremely interactive, incredibly creative and a million other things.

Make short videos: Don’t cram too much information or detail into one video. Break it up into a series of instructive mini-segments that take on one subject at a time.

Create templates you can re-use: If you have a template you can replicate, it lowers production costs and simplifies the production process.

Create videos with text and still images. Videos don’t always have to be mini motion pictures. You can create an effective video consisting of a simple series of PowerPoint type slides with text and photos with or without audio. These can be easily created online.

Include a compelling call-to-action: No longer do people just create a video and then display a web address or phone number in the last frame saying “Call us or visit our website”. Now you can you add interactive polls, live forms, surveys, and other lead generation techniques with ease.

Upload your video online: Upload your video to YouTube and watch the magic unfold. More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month and over 6 billion hours of video are watched every 30 days. When you upload your video to YouTube, you will instantly get your online video content seen by the masses.

When you master video as a format, your conversions increase, you build automated relationships; you get automated traffic, and solidify your online brand presence. So go ahead and make that video!