Spruce up your Twitter Profile

twitter-marketingTwitter is a handy social media tool to make an impact with just a few short messages. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect to spruce up your twitter profile. Twitter recently announced changes in its look and feel, which make it look remarkably like Facebook.

Your Twitter Handle: What comes after the @ symbol is very important. It could be your company name. But if your company name is too long you could go by socialUs or some such relevant handle if you are into social media marketing. It will make it easier for followers to find you and establish your main industry.

Your Bio: It has to be short and sweet and also encapsulate all that you are using keywords. This is because a bio is searchable on twitter. You could use hashtags to make yourself more searchable.

Location and Link: Include the location of your company and the link. The link will help the user find out more about your company – all that you can’t include in a short bio.

Followers: Follow those who are in a similar industry such as yours. But don’t follow too many people. Let the ratio of followed to followers be at least 2:1. It looks bad if you follow too many people and you have too few followers. When you follow those in your own community, there’s a greater chance of being followed back by them. Also, you will appear in suggestions of who to follow.

Images: There were three areas where you can display photographs:.1. Your profile image (81 x 81 px). 2. Your header image (size is 1500 x 500.). and 3. Your background image. Now, the profile photo is positioned in the upper-left corner. Twitter users can now post larger profile and banner photos, too.  You canget creative with these photographs though the most normal thing to do is to have your company logo as your profile picture. If you are a fashion brand, you could have a picture of models sashaying on the catwalk as your other image. You get the general idea!

Featured Tweets and Pinned Tweets: If you tweet something that makes an impact, then your tweet is in bolder font so that other users are drawn to it. If you want your followers to definitely read a tweet of yours, you can pin it to your profile, so that it is featured right on top. These are new features of Twitter. So make the most of them. They have also refined their filtering tools.

Mobile Users of Twitter: You can now make use of the facility to upload upto 4 photographs and tag upto 10 people without increasing the character count.

Real-time Notifications: Now you get real-time notifications if you are on twitter and someone sends you a DM or favourites your tweet. Twitter just got more live!

Although sprucing up your twitter profile is important, the most important thing to do is to keep in mind your content and social media objectives. Nothing can quite replace good, quality tweets. Play around with twitter’s new interface and make waves in twitterverse!


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