Steps to Distribute your Press Release

prweb_press_distribution (1)A well-written press release is the key to get the attention of the media. Here is a step-by-step blog on how to get your press release across to the right channels to promote your company or service.

Create a media contact list: Start by creating a media contact list. Maintain the contact information of all the journalists associated to your field of interest in this list. Since journalists move roles often, make sure to keep your list updated. 

Send the press release to newswire services. Newswires are a good source of news for journalists and news media. The chances of the story getting picked up are higher.

Distribute your press release to social media networks and blogs. This is good for viral marketing. If the content is interesting it will be shared socially.

You can also use SEO tools and publish your press release on the different search engines.

Use an online press release distribution service so that you can effectively distribute your press release to your desired target audience. There are many distribution services present, but one of the most user friendly and cost-effective press release distribution services is offered by MyPRGenie.

So go ahead and put your press release out there!


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