5 Ways to Slide into the Top Spot with Slideshare

Slideshare has slid into its place among effective social media sharing tools. With 30 million monthly viewers and 80 million pageviews, this tool is used to upload presentations, Word and PDF files to the net. Tagging and sharing is enabled as is embedding the content on blogs and company web sites.

There is immense potential for companies to use this tool to garner more page views, business and create their online image.

Tell your story with Slideshare

slidesharePresentations shared on slideshare give a more three-dimensional and professional image to a company than Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Presentations are usually very specific, so companies are using SlideShare for inbound marketing, generating traffic through clients’ searches etc. You can optimize searches by tagging presentations and using the Slideshare profile to link back to your company website.

Leverage Thought Leadership

Use the experts in your company to create presentations that can be shared on this channel to promote thought leadership. Establish your company brand as a go-to destination for the latest developments in your field.

Demand Generation and Cross Pollination

Eloqua has an active SlideShare channel, which is featured as an example of an effective Platinum page.  Eloqua’s SlideShare Cloud Connector helps the company automatically populate its demand generation database with profile information from anyone who completes a form on its SlideShare channel. That’s one cool way to promote demand generation.

Eloqua also highlights links to its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube communities right under the channel description to promote social cross pollination.

Use Slideshare to represent financial information

Pfizer uses Slideshare to present its financial information. Basically, you can represent financial, technical or other in-depth information that can be difficult torepresent on their websites using more traditional tools, such as graphs and text.

Get greater exposure.

If your webinar got a limited number of views, host it on Slideshare and watch the magic unfold as it gets shared multiple times.



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