5 Ways to Market your Business on Pinterest

marketing-with-pinterest1Pinterest is a good medium to play with to promote your business. Here’s how you can engage people on your Pinterest page:



  1. Conduct a Pinterest Contest: Get Pinterest users to create cool pinboards or share content from your site on Pinterest and give prizes for the best boards. This will help create links back to your site and product pages.
  2. Engage Guest Curators: Get a Pinterest power user to play guest curator for a week. When you reach out to Pinterest users with large fan followings and request them to be your guest curator, you can cash in on their popularity by making their followers aware of your account.
  3.  Create Fan-curated Boards: Get your brand fans and followers to curate some of your boards for you. This is a great way to engage brand-loyalists and bond with the customers who already care about you.
  4. Add a Pin It button to your website: If your Pinterest board has a lot of product pictures, you can add a Pin It button to your website so that fans can share your interesting pins and spread the word…oops the picture!
  5. Optimize Your Pin Copy: Pinterest collections are showing up in Google and Bing organic search results. Each pin has up to 500 characters of copy that can be optimized for best search results. Make sure they are SEO-enabled to make your mark.

Make use of these tips to make the most of Pinterest to promote your business! Get started now!



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