How to Create Awesome Content

Content_Marketing_StatisticsYou would want to create amazing content that humanizes your brand. You need content that gets customers to convert. But let’s be real: You don’t have time to maintain a blog, and keep your business running at the same time!

There are so many wonderful things about the digital age in which we live, and we’re lucky to have an ever-growing abundance of information at our fingertips.

Social media is a great way to attract attention. But that doesn’t mean you can just throw your links out there and people will come flocking. If you want your content to succeed on the major social media networks, you must consider whom you are sharing it with. Then, you can write the perfect copy and produce the best content and optimize it for each social network to lure them in.

Here are some tips for how you can create amazing content that defines you:

Integrate your work and play
Creating content is a lot more fun when you can truly be yourself. When you’re yourself, you can tell stories. And when you tell stories, your content marketing is holistic and comes alive.
Your stories are your strengths. When you integrate your work and play, you open the gates to creating amazing content for your business. It gives you more creativity to create content. And creativity is the best (and sometimes only) way to stand out.

Create conversations
Markets are conversations. This concept isn’t new. But so many businesses forget its value. Creating conversations is extremely important. You need to create conversations with your customers to create amazing content. Your content needs to cause some type of reaction. And when you can create conversations that cause reactions you can.

Have fun with your content
Stop waiting on the traditional systems of yesterday to save you. The tools are in front of you to create your own platform and pave your own path.
When you have fun with what you’re creating, your culture comes alive. And bonus -sales happen more naturally.
Show off your amazing personality by creating fun, engaging content. It shows you’re a leader in your industry. And leaders make an impact with their business (and make more money!)

Focus on one type of content. And do it. Do it well.
Your blog is one of the most important channels for your content marketing efforts. If you want to start creating content, but you’re not sure where to start, blog is your answer.
A blog is the cornerstone for your business. And when you create written content, it can exist on the Internet forever, and get picked up by Google. And who doesn’t want to be on Google?

Opt Out of Updating Old Content; Make New Posts Instead
If you’re blogging about a developing story or continuing topic, create a new post rather than updating the old page. Your audience do not want to read articles and posts that they already have. Redundancy is always a big NO.

Use Online Data to Discover Trends
Twitter provides great real-time data about what topics are trending and what people are buzzing about, and Google Trends gives insight into the hot button topics people are searching for. Creating content with this online data in mind will keep you in the loop and allows you to optimize your content for those trending search terms.

Evaluate your Top Content
Testing allows you to discover what is working and what is not in your advertisements. Evaluating your top content is the same idea. Examine your top-ranking pieces and try to see why those posts did so well. Did you include several images? Was it a timely news piece? Did you include a great offer?

Make it Easy to Share
Imbed Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ buttons on your content pages so that visitors can easily share them via social networks. We’re all far too busy and/or lazy to copy and paste.

Use Dynamic Content and Internal Links
Increasing on-site discovery is important in boosting page views and time on site. You can suggest relevant topics to visitors through the use of dynamic content (most shared topics, most viewed topics, etc.). Internal links and relevant anchor text also make it easy for your visitors to discover additional content and navigate seamlessly throughout your site.

Keep Your Ideal Audience in Mind
Always create great content with your ideal customers in mind—will this information be valuable to them? If not, how can you craft the information so that it will interest them? If you use personas in your marketing efforts, consider the various personas, their individual interests, and unique needs.

As always, content is king. Your pieces won’t ever get too much attention if they don’t offer valuable information that interests people. However, when you’re creating great content that just doesn’t seem to rank, these tips might be just the boost you need to get your content noticed.

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