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Marketing & Social Media Trends of 2014

It’s that time of the year again – when we look back over all that has transpired in the year that has passed by and predict how that’s going to impact the one that’s coming up.

2014 has been a fruitful year as social media has continued its conquest of the Internet realm. Let’s take a look at the Marketing and Social Media trends that dominated the year.


1. Go Mobile, or Go Home

Mobile marketing was one of the most prominent social media marketing trends for 2014. In fact, the results of a study indicate that almost 40 percent of time spent online is through some type of mobile device. Experts predict that mobile usage will increase in 2015. Next year, when selecting your digital platforms and marketing solutions, invest in those that are mobile friendly, responsive and adaptive.

2. Increased Social Media Marketing Budgets

The results of a survey indicate that about 46 percent of business leaders plan to increase their social media budgets in 2014.  Companies that want to keep up with their competition will stop treating social media as a group effort, and start hiring qualified social media specialists.

 3. #Hashtags, #Hashtags Everywhere

Once limited to Twitter, hashtags have become the norm on Facebook, Google Plus, and even television shows. In case you didn’t know, a hashtag is a pound sign that precedes word or group of words, and creates a searchable link. This allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords. In a sense, hashtags represent a new form of SEO.

4. Lights, Camera, Video Marketing

More than 50 percent of all online traffic is now video-based, and your potential customers are embracing it with open arms. Even authors are using book trailers to promote their work. For best results, keep your video catchy, short and simple because you are demanding attention from a world full of people with increasingly shorter attention spans.

5. Google+

While there was scepticism surrounding Google+ in the past, make no mistake–the social network is here to stay. Google+ recently celebrated its third birthday, and more people than ever before are using the website–approximately 300 million every month. In turn, the social networking platform is growing in prominence. It’s up to marketers to make Google Plus work with their current strategy.

6. The Rise of Images for Information

The rise of the infographic may have been surprising to some, but its benefits are hard to deny. As you look to generate messages that resonate with your customers, incorporate infographics into your overall marketing strategy. Share them on your social networking sites, where you can reach thousands of people across the Web. You may be surprised at how quick people are to share infographics, which often provide educational value that anyone can understand.

Every day, it seems like there’s a new social networking trend to take advantage of, and the platforms themselves are constantly changing. For this reason, it’s becoming even more important for marketers to take the time to research trends and execute tactics to keep up with the competition. These trends can give you a place to start as you revamp your social media marketing plan.